Goal Attainment Scaling

Two Excel files are available. 

1) The original scale is the original one established by the creators.   This scale runs from -2 to +2.   Thomas Kiresuk tells me that the traditional scale is more adaptable for research, but less parsimonious for practice.   This Excel file was developed by David Dran. 

2) The nontraditional scale has been adapted by David Dran.   The scale is in the same range as the original form but with high or better scores toward the top of the page. This small change was suggested by agencies who believed high scores “high” on the page was consistent with the graph of scores and made for easier interpretation by clients


The directions for using both are found below:
This excel file will record ratings, weights, goals and scaling of goals for eight sessions with one client. A graph will display the results.

The first sheet of the file starts the recording. Here the goals, scaling of goals and weights for each goal will be automatically transferred to the sheets for the other 7 sessions. In fact, the only thing that needs to be entered after the first sheet is the date and the ratings for each goal.

The excel applet is under improvement and revision. As of now the ratings can be entered by simply placing an “x” in the appropriate box. If a mistake is made the “x” can be deleted and a new “x” placed elsewhere in the scale. However, an “x” cannot be cut from one place and inserted anywhere else. We are working on fixing this, but if “cut and paste” is avoided this should not be a problem.

Each rating page and the graph at the end can be printed out in landscape format. Every printer is a bit different, however. Most of our work has shown the printing to work just fine, but rarely one printer on one person’s printer will carry over printing to a second page. Let us know if this happens and we will work on a more foolproof way of printing.

We hope the excel file will save some time, aid in calculations, and help produce a graph to display your work with your clients.