Rules for Writing your Paper

1. As discussed within the Modules and videos, the final draft must be divided into topical headings.  If you need to see examples of how papers are divided into topical headings, go to:

2. Cover Page: All final drafts must have a cover page that looks like this:

Do not include the [ ] as part of your cover page

[Insert your legal name], BA Candidate

[Insert the Title of Paper]

submitted to the Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice

The University of North Carolina at Pembroke

in partial fulfillment for the Degree of

Bachelors of  Arts




On the last line of cover page include and sign the statement: I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid in the preparation or completion of this manuscript. ________________________________ 

3. An abstract must be written on the page following the cover page See:

4. APA style is required.   In compiling your reference page, you are REQUIRED to use: .  Why?  Because I need to assess your computer skills.  Failure to use APA properly will result in a letter grade drop.

5. All students are required to use APA citation style and include one long and one short quote.  In your presentation, you MUST follow the rules found at:

6. Students must include scholarly citations.  NO magazines, NO newspapers, NO webpages, No TV programs, No videos, NO Bible cites and other religious books are NOT permitted.   The paper must exclusively  use scholarly citations.  

7. Students must demonstrate competence in using UNIVERSITY library databases for scholarly articles.  Students may NOT use public libraries or community college libraries for databases.  If you speak to me over the phone, I might allow community college libraries.  Your grade will be based on your library skills!  These skills also include working with a librarian!

8. The review of literature must be a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 15 pages (This excludes the title and abstract page). Students are required to have a maximum of one long quote and one short quote. This requirement exists to demonstrate compliance the APA quoting rules. Students are not permitted to include any additional quotations.

9. All papers are to have one inch margins (top, bottom, sides).  New Times Roman point 12 is the required font for the entire paper (with permission of professor, exceptions may be accepted for figures and tables).  The text or body of the paper must be double spaced (not triple or single).  This includes when separating topical headings from text.  Students will be required to change the default to double spacing.  Take a very close look at this: ← If this is confusing, contact me!

10. All students are required to demonstrate their word processing skills by include a table or graph within their paper. Here are some examples of the proper display:

 You must read and use the material found at:




11. Students are required to demonstrate their skills with using the RULER within their word processing program.  The ruler must be used for the Reference page and the long quote.  Following are videos that will assist:

Students are required to include a long quote in the paper.  This video demonstrates how to use RULER to present a long quote:

Students are require to use RULER for the reference page. This video demonstrates how to use RULER to present references: