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Professional Objective
A position in the field of sociology/social work, where my personal aptitudes, interests, and educational background can be put to use in helping people with a particular interest in applied gerontology, forensic social work, and technology.

Experience Highlights

2009 - Present
   Professor of Sociology, University of North Carolina at Pembroke

   Undergraduate courses taught:

2003 - 2009
   Professor of Social Work, University of North Carolina at Pembroke

   Undergraduate courses taught:

   Graduate courses experience:

2013 - present
   Co-Director of the Public Policy Institute (Kettering Foundation)
1989 - present 
   Coordinator, Minor in Applied Social Gerontology
1996 - 2003
    Professor/Director, Social Work Program, University of North Carolina at Pembroke
1991 - 96
    Associate Professor, Director of the Social Work Program, Pembroke State University
1980 - 91
    Assistant Professor, Director of the Social Work Program, Pembroke State University
1978 - present
     Established private practice (Marson & Associates) to keep up with current trends in Social Work Practice. Presently, most of the activities within the practice concern health care delivery for the elderly and social science research for attorneys.  Experience with groupwork in sub-stance abuse for prison system. In general, primary activities include: 1) Consultation; 2) Research; 3) Casework/Groupwork; 4) Education.
1977 - 80
    Instructor of Sociology; Pembroke State University
1976 - 77
    Vita Treatment Center, Inc., Columbus, Ohio (Methadone Treatment Center). Hired as Case Manager. Responsible for a caseload that varied from Center). Hired as Case Manager. Responsible for a caseload that varied from 40 to 60 individuals. Involved general casework but also groupwork with pregnant heroin addicts which included child abuse, prenatal care and planning, therapy, referral, emergency assistance and cooperation with medical and psychological staffs.
1974 - 76
    Talbot Hall, St. Anthony Hospital; Columbus, Ohio (Alcoholic Rehabilitation Unit). Involved in intake, facilitated group therapy, speaker and community liaison (Currently part of Ohio State University Hospitals)
1970 - 74
    Supervised young children (3-year-olds) Cradle 'n Crayon Day Care Center as a volunteer.
Student Counselor with the guidance office at Ohio Dominican College.
Summer employment with the Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation at Columbus State Institute, Columbus, Ohio. Prepared and placed residents of the institute and special education students for gainful employment congruent to their intellectual capacities.
1967 - 70
    Volunteered at the Vision Center in Columbus, Ohio; and later gained employment as instructor's aide. Assisted instructor in classroom procedures and the clinical psychologist in group therapy. Volunteered at the Ohio State School for the blind; provided recreational activities for residents.

National Committees and Boards

Pearson Publishers: Advisory Board for Social Work, 2008 - present

Editorial Board of Contemporary Rural Social Work, 2007 - present

Editorial Board ofThe Journal of Forensic Social Work,2007 - present

Editorial Board of The Journal of Social Work Values and Ethics, 2001 - present

Association of Social Work Boards

National Association of Social Workers

Association of Baccalaureate Social Work Program Directors

Council on Social Work Education

Editorial Board of The Journal of Law and Social Work

Board of Directors, Children's Transplant Association, 1991-1993.

Local Committees and Boards

North Carolina State Social Service Commission, Appointed by Governors Easley & Purdue, April 1, 2007-2015

Robeson County End of Life Coalition, 2008 - present

Board of Directors, Rural Program for the Carolina’s, 2003-present

Board of Directors, Center for Community Action, 2003-present

Robeson County Welfare Planning Board, Member, 1997-present

Jordan Institute on Families; Technical Advisory Board, 1997-present

North Carolina NASW Chapter

Southeastern Regional Medical Center; Robeson County, NC

Board of Directors, Rural Advancement Fund Justice Project; Robeson County, NC


    North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina. Ph.D. May, 1991.
  Social Work (UNC-Chapel Hill
 Sociology of Aging
 Social Psychol
Doctoral Dissertation: The Utility of a Marxian Framework for the Sociology of Aging.
    The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. M.S.W., June, 1976. 

Completed program of courses which led to specialization in Social Work with emphasis in Human Sexuality.  First year's field work was at Logan-Champaign Guidance Clinic, Inc. (Urbana, Ohio) where I was involved in individual, family and group therapy.  Also involved in community work, i.e., instructed community volunteers to answer crisis phone line, in-service training at retirement home and similar consultations. Second year of field work was at Dodd Hall, the physical medicine facility of The Ohio State University Hospital complex.  Duties included preparing disabled individuals (usually paralysis) for a new way of life.

Master's Thesis: Identifying Variables Related Successful Treatment in an n-patient Alcoholic Rehabilitation Facility.
    Ohio Dominican University, Columbus, Ohio.   B.A. in Liberal Arts, June 1974.
Social Welfare and Sociology
Completed field work at the Ohio Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation and obtained employment with that agency.
     Rio Grande College, Rio Grande, Ohio (no major).

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Age: 64; Marital Status: Married; Health: Excellent

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